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National Collegiate Landscape Competition

It has been an amazing series of days here at Colorado State University. This year The College of Agricultural Sciences is hosting the 43rd National Collegiate Landscape Competition on CSU's home turf. I am proud to volunteer for a few events that happen over three days. Over 700 students representing 70 different horticulture schools from all over the country will attend this year's event.

The competition events revolve around various aspects of landscaping such as, design, irrigation, lighting, plant identification, equipment operation, planting installation, aboriculture techniques to name a few. They will be tested by a group of landscape professionals and professors on their performance.

Students and landscape professionals got a chance to meet one another for a huge career fair in a trade show format. Many students used this opportunity to establish potential internship or full time positions with professional landscape companies.

The opening ceremony this morning was completely packed, such great spirit with each school presenting their team cheer within the audience. Friday March 22, will be a throw down as the construction and testing begins. It's such a great event- the best students compete in an intense atmosphere, but ultimately everybody's happy to learn together.

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